Our Quality Home Designs

Here at Yanch Homes, we offer a diverse amount of single-story and two-story home designs. We work together with our prefabricated home builder Supreme Homes to bring you high quality and a large variety of choices to meet all different kinds of tastes, wants, and needs.

All homes can be customized inside and out. You love one model but it's missing a deck or it's missing a garage, don't worry we can work together and custom design it for you. Or maybe you want to do some minor alterations, remove a closet here, move a vanity there. With our team, we can make those changes, get approval and send it to the manufacturer to make your changes.

Take a look at our gallery for the models we offer, if you don't see one you like click the supreme homes logo and it will take you to their site where other models wait to be viewed. Come back to us when you have found a model and we can begin the process of getting you into your dream home.