Yanch Benefits

Here at Yanch Homes, we are dedicated to our customers and to meeting their high standards and expectations. When a new customer comes to us, we believe it is for more than just the products we offer, but for the quality service, before during, and after the project occurs. 

We believe in offering our customers their dream homes with high-quality materials, dependable and confident customer service all within a short time span.

Designed for you, by you.

You deserve a home that is perfect for you, the home you see when you dream of your future. Even if you might not know what that looks like, our whole team is here to help all your dreams come true. Together we will work to bring life to your vision. You customize everything – walls, floors, doors, the kitchen, all your bathrooms, decks, porches, and much much more. 


Methodically and carefully inspected.

Along with the intensive quality control during the design and construction phases, every Yanch Home has to meet many different quality standards; The Ontario Provincial Building Codes, local by-laws. By far the most in-depth standards are our own harsh inspections through frequent milestones throughout the building process. This way we ensure that the final product is exactly how you imagined it.


Accurate delivery, on time, on budget and problem-free

With our prefabricated model being built in a factor any weather delays that would normally put off a stick-built home will have little effect on us. With a perfected process after building thousands of homes, unwanted surprises have been nearly eliminated. You will always have a dedicated team member with you, ready for any of your questions or concerns.